Protein Interactions

Compounds in this list act by modulating the interactions among proteins such as chaperone proteins, heat shock proteins, microtubules, transcription factors, immune checkpoint proteins and cytokines. For example, disruption of structural protein interactions such as microtubules have therapeutic applications in cancer treatment. Furthermore, modulating the interaction of bromodomain-containing proteins has implications on chromatin remodelling and epigenetic regulation. Products in this range include small molecule compounds and antibodies.

产品编码 CAS号 产品名称 描述
BA166475 1668553-26-1

A 1210477

Inhibits anti-apoptotic protein MCL1; antineoplastic
BA166576 2089148-71-8

A 395

Inhibitor of polycomb protein EED
BA166577 1445993-26-9

ABBV 075

Inhibitor of BET bromodomain; antineoplastic
BA166477 2138861-99-9

ABBV 744

BET bromodomain inhibitor selective for BDII
FA16902 852808-04-9

ABT 737

Inhibitor of Bcl-2, Bcl-xl and Bcl-w pro-survival proteins
FI139131 331731-18-1


Monoclonal antibody against TNFα; therapy for rheumatoid arthritis
BA165580 862111-32-8


Monoclonal antibody against VEGF(A); binds placental growth factor (PIGF)
BA165581 216503-57-0


Monoclonal antibody against CD52; treatment for multiple sclerosis; anti-cancer
AA17307 75747-14-7


Hsp90 inhibitor; anti-neoplastic antibiotic
BA17365 64202-81-9


Inhibits chaperone protein Hsp90; antineoplastic
BA166663 916151-99-0

APTO 253

Inhibits MTF-1 transcription factor; induces KLF4 tumour suppressor factor
FA159625 289893-27-2


Regulates expression of chaperonins Hsp70 and Hsp90 
FA30834 289893-25-0

Arimoclomol NEW

Regulates expression of chaperonins Hsp70 and Hsp90 
FA159626 289893-28-3

(2S)-Arimoclomol maleate

FA159627 289893-26-1

(2R)-Arimoclomol maleate

BA166845 1799328-86-1

ASTX 660

Antagonist of the inhibitor-of-apoptosis-proteins cIAP1/2 and XIAP
BA165584 1380723-44-3


Monoclonal antibody against PDL-1; anti-cancer agent
BA165583 1537032-82-8


Monoclonal antibody against PDL-1; targeted immunotherapy for cancer
FA137649 1124329-14-1

AZ 3146

Monopolar spindle 1 (MPS-1) antagonist
FB15804 218600-53-4

Bardoxolone methyl

Activates nuclear factor erythroid 2–related factor 2 (Nrf2)
BB163665 2080306-23-4

BAY 299

Inhibitor of BRPF2 and TAF1 bromodomains
FB139172 130493-03-7


Heat shock protein (HSP) co-inducer
BB161276 130641-38-2


Inhibitor of MCP-1 chemokine synthesis; indazolic derivative
FB18841 294891-81-9

BML 286

Inhibits dishevelled (Dvl)-PDZ domain interaction; affects Wnt signaling pathway


Antibody-drug conjugate targeting CD30; antineoplastic
BB161996 357336-20-0


Binds to synaptic vesicle protein SV2A; analog of levetiracetam; anti-epileptic
BC165662 1197996-80-7

CBL 0137

Activator of p53; inhibitor of NF-κB
FC76600 1443437-74-8

CCG 203971

Inhibits MRTF-SRF transcriptional pathway
FC64971 620112-78-9

CCG 63802

Inhibits RGS proteins, selective for RGS4
FC64972 620113-73-7

CCG 63808

Reversible inhibitor of RGS proteins
FC64978 205923-56-4

Cetuximab - PBS buffer solution

Monoclonal antibody against EGFR; treatment for colorectal cancer

CM 11

Modulator of VHL E3 ubiquitin ligase dimerization
FC20540 209810-38-8


Disrupts tubulin polymerization; destabilizes microtubules; treatment for gout
FC20545 117048-59-6

Combretastatin A4

Tubulin binding agent; targets tumour vasculature
FC20757 83602-39-5

Cyclosporin H

Formyl peptide receptor-1 (FPR-1) antagonist
FC11288 14930-96-2

Cytochalasin B

Blocker of the actin monomers to the actin filament
FC29349 22144-77-0

Cytochalasin D

Inhibits actin polymerization
BD165586 945721-28-8


Monoclonal antibody against CD38; treatment for multiple myeloma
BD165585 615258-40-7


Monoclonal antibody against RANKL; anti-resorptive agent for osteoperosis treatment
BD164046 1363687-32-4


Anti-GD2 monoclonal antibody
AD34908 467214-21-7

17-DMAG hydrochloride

Heat shock protein 90 (HSP90) inhibitor
BD164373 114977-28-5


Stabilizes tubulin; anti-cancer agent
BD164375 148408-66-6

Docetaxel trihydrate

Stabilizes tubulin; anti-cancer agent
BE165588 219685-50-4


Monoclonal antibody against complement protein C5
FE166529 519187-97-4

Edonerpic maleate

BE165158 2083627-02-3

EED 226 monohydrate NEW

Inhibits histone methyltransferase activity of PRC2
FI24746 1127442-82-3

endo-IWR 1

Stabilises axin protein of Wnt signalling pathway
FE22752 189453-10-9

Epothilone D (synthetic)

Microtubule stabilizer; natural polyketide compound; antineoplastic
FG137675 888216-25-9


Heat shock protein 90 (HSP90) inhibitor
BG166815 1936422-33-1

GNE 781

Inhibitior of the transcriptional regulator CBP/P300 bromodomain
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