Catechins are secondary metabolites from plants belonging to the group of flavan-3-ols (or simply flavanols), part of the chemical family of flavonoids. (+)-Catechin and (-)-epicatechin as well as their gallic acid conjugates are ubiquitous constituents of vascular plants, and are mostly found as cacao and tea constituents, as well as in Vitis vinifera grapes. Catechins and their derivatives are a type of natural phenol and antioxidant and are thought to contribute to the beneficial effects ascribed to catechin-containing remedies, such as green tea.

产品编码 CAS号 产品名称 描述
FC19835 154-23-4


FC19834 18829-70-4


FC66151 7295-85-4


FC30661 225937-10-0

(+)-Catechin hydrate

FE22720 490-46-0


FE22721 1257-08-5

(-)-Epicatechin gallate

FE22729 970-74-1


FE09970 989-51-5

(-)-Epigallocatechin gallate

Inhibits telomerase and DNA methyltransferase; antioxidant
FG23644 3371-27-5


XG171201 970-73-0


FG166937 224434-07-5

(-)-Gallocatechin 3-(4''-O-methyl)gallate

FG40482 4233-96-9

(-)-Gallocatechin gallate

FG166941 5127-64-0

(+)-Gallocatechin gallate

FP75067 41743-41-3

Procyanidin A2

FP45625 20315-25-7

Procyanidin B1

FP31144 29106-49-8

Procyanidin B2

FP65542 23567-23-9

Procyanidin B3

FP137850 29106-51-2

Procyanidin B4

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