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EC05990 157843-41-9

2-Chloro-4-nitrophenyl-alpha-L-fucopyranoside 2-氯-4-硝基苯-Alpha-L-岩藻糖苷

Alternative chromogenic substrate for β-D-galactosidase
EA06838 132489-69-1

(Z)-PugNAc O-(2-乙酰氨基-2-脱氧-D-吡喃葡萄糖亚基) 氨基 N-苯基氨基甲酸酯

Inhibitor of O-GlcNAcase and β-hexosaminidase
EB06680 7240-90-6

X-Gal 5-溴-4-氯-3-吲哚基 b-D-吡喃半乳糖苷

Chromogenic substrate for β-galactosidase; used in immunohistocytochemistry
EN06363 369-07-3

2-Nitrophenyl-beta-D-galactopyranoside 2-硝基苯基-b-D-吡喃半乳糖苷

β-galactosidase substrate; colorimetric assays; environmental impact assessment
EI05931 367-93-1

Isopropyl b-D-thiogalactopyranoside - non-animal origin 异丙基-b-D-硫代吡喃半乳糖苷(植物源)

IPTG; Analog of allolactose; inactivates lac repressor and triggers transcription
FD05800 25952-53-8

1-(3-Dimethylaminopropyl)-3-ethylcarbodiimide hydrochloride 1-乙基-(3-二甲基氨基丙基)碳酰二亚胺盐酸盐

Water soluble reagent; carboxyl activating agent; used in immunoconjugates
FH05522 13161-30-3

2-Hydroxypyridine-N-oxide 2-羟基吡啶氮氧化物

Used in peptide coupling reactions as a substitute for HOBt
FD03725 78342-42-4

(S)-2,5-Dihydro-3,6-dimethoxy-2-isopropylpyrazine (S)-2-异丙基-3,6-二甲氧基-2,5-二氢吡嗪

Chiral auxiliary used in synthesis of stereoselective α-amino acids derivatives
FD04039 109838-85-9

(R)-2,5-Dihydro-3,6-dimethoxy-2-isopropylpyrazine (R)-2,5-二氢-3,6-二甲氧基-2-异丙基吡嗪

Chiral auxiliary used in synthesis of stereoselective α-amino acids derivatives
MA00746 131-48-6

N-Acetylneuraminic acid N-乙酰神经氨酸

Component of mammalian glycans and bacterial polysaccharides
OA08244 32181-59-2

N-Acetyl-D-lactosamine N-乙酰基-D-乳糖胺

Substrate for galactosidases, fucosyltransferases, and sialyltransferases
FD06273 886-38-4

Diphenylcyclopropenone 二苯基环丙烯酮

Hapten; used as therapy in topical dieases and cutaneous metastatic melanoma
FD00343 18511-72-3

4,4'-Dinitro-2,2'-bipyridine 4,4'-二硝基-2,2'- 联吡啶

MD04977 533-67-5

2-Deoxy-D-ribose 2-脱氧-D-核糖

Used for synthesis of organic compounds and natural products
FT04400 2564-83-2

2,2,6,6-Tetramethylpiperidine 1-oxyl, free radical - solid melt 四甲基哌啶氧化物

Stable nitroxyl radical that has been used as a biological probe and organic catalyst
DO05161 29836-26-8

Octyl b-D-glucopyranoside 辛基-b-D-吡喃葡萄糖苷

Non-denaturing, dialyzable detergent; increases protein resolution in 2D gels
FD02073 693-13-0

DIC 1,3-二异丙基碳二亚胺

Coupling agent for peptides, nucleic acids and asymmetric bis alkyl carbonates
OB04438 49777-13-1

Blood Group A trisaccharide 血型A三糖

Core antigen fragment in ABO blood group system
FB06176 1119-51-3

5-Bromo-1-pentene 5-溴-1-戊烯

OS04397 128596-80-5

3'-Sialyllactose sodium salt 3'-唾液乳糖

Suppresses adhesion of bacteria and viruses; found in human and bovine milk
OS04058 98603-84-0

3'-Sialyl Lewis X 3-3'-唾液酰 路易斯 X

Carbohydrate antigen; associated to inflammation and cancer
NM07918 20724-73-6

2'-C-Methylcytidine 2'-C-甲基胞嘧啶核苷

Broad-spectrum anti-viral; inhibitor of HCV NS5B RNA polymerase


FC02319 506-68-3

Cyanogen bromide

Halogen halide; condensing agent in organic synthesis; protein immobilizer
FH09764 1693-86-3


Starting reagent for synthesis of P3HT; nanofibres used for preparation of OPTs
MS05200 87-79-6

L-Sorbose L-山梨糖

Resource for the industrial synthesis of ascorbic acid alias Vitamin C
FS57565 163795-75-3

Nucleic Acid Dye Green I - Solution in DMSO SYBR GreenI核苷酸胶体染料

An asymmetrical cyanine dye used as a nucleic acid stain in molecular biology.
BS175963 40045-50-9

SU 3327

Selective JNK inhibitor; anti-bacterial properties
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